Special Ebay Alert! Two Triangular Brussels Applique shawls

http://tinyurl.com/q3ytzrp Antique Blond Color Handmade Lace Shawl Mantilla 74″ by 104″ Beautiful.

Size:  first: 112-114″ x 58-60″.
second: 104″, 74″ down each side. Which implies ~52″ down the center.
Starting Price: first – $3,500.00 Buy-it-Now
second – $199.00
Auction ends: August 16, 2015 9:01 AM PDT
July 24, 2015 4:57 PM PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller mithya, New York, United States
Ebay seller fich2, Manville, Rhode Island, United States
Comments: Triangular shawls of 2nd Empire Brussels bobbinlace applique on machine net are fairly rare, and there are two on Ebay right now.  Both have typical romantic floral designs, with esprits in the ground indicating a higher quality. Needlemade decorative ‘mode’ fillings in both.
Provenance:  first – non cited.  second – on consignment.
Modifications: None in the first, on the second one there’s a wire running through the top, perhaps for a headpiece.
Damage: Nothing obvious from the photos in the first, I think there are some pinholes or tiny holes in the tulle in the second. Hard to tell without the closeups.
Soilage:  first – cream color. second – off white color.
Finish:  Some light fold creases in the second one.

151749557515   151749557515a   Unsold as of 7/25/2015, 8:32 PM MDT.
252030444164   Sold for $1,025.00, 14 bidders.

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1 Response to Special Ebay Alert! Two Triangular Brussels Applique shawls

  1. lacenews says:

    Apologies, initially got the tinyurl pointer wrong for the second piece. Now corrected.

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