Interview: Angharad Rixon on the 2016 Doily Free Zone Symposium

LaceNews reader Lauran Sundin just sent this interview with Angharad Rixon for the 2016 Doily Free Zone Symposium.  More information can be found at Presenter proposals are due September 22, 2015.

Lauran:  What is DFZ and what is its purpose?
Angharad: Doily Free Zone is a symposium for and about young lace makers. The symposium aims to encourage communication amongst young lace makers and to safeguard and promote this rich textile tradition as a form of creative expression.

Lauran: Who qualifies to be a presenter?
Angharad: All lace makers who will present work or research papers and teach the workshops must be under the age of 40 at the time of the symposium; this is not meant as discrimination but is rather an attempt to focus on the work of a generation which for various reasons is not associated with the major guilds and organizations.

Lauran: Why invite non-presenters?
Angharad: The symposium is open to all who wish to attend regardless of age. Non presenters are encouraged as they help support the symposium and will be able to go to the exhibition of the presenters work, attend their lectures and also have the opportunity to participate in workshops given by the presenters.

Lauran: Where and when will it be held? What are your reasons for this choice?
Angharad: The Symposium will be held in Gandino, Italy, 10-12 June 2016
The Museum of the Basilica of Gandino has one of the finest collections of early laces, and in particular metal laces, in the world. Situated high in the Gandino valley above Bergamo, the town was an important point of trade for merchandise coming from and going towards Austria. It was also a significant town for the textile industry being known for its red dye; in fact the red shirts worn by Garibaldi’s 1000 soldiers who fought for the unification of Italy were dyed in Gandino.
We would also like to give both presenters and other attendees to have the opportunity to tie three  lace events together.

This time frame would also allow time to visit the island of Burano near Venice to see the lace museum.

Lauran: Are these venues close enough to be able to take them all in?
Angharad: Yes, the distances are doable:
Milan – Gandino 52 miles
Gandino – Venice 156 miles
Venice – Idrija   122 miles
Idrija – Ljubjlana 35 miles

Lauran: The Youth Symposium was held previously in Pavia, Italy. What was the ultimate outcome of that experience?
Yes, in June of 2013 we featured 15 presenters. The presenters were amazed at how much they enjoyed each other’s company and have continued to network amongst themselves.

Lauran: How can potential presenters and attendees get more information?
Angharad:  The DFZ website is at
or you can write to

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1 Response to Interview: Angharad Rixon on the 2016 Doily Free Zone Symposium

  1. I am delighted to see that the presenters are to be under the age of 40. I too am concerned that there are so few in this age range and concerned as to who will continue as the experts for the future when the current experts can no longer continue teaching.

    All best wishes for the symposium


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