Lace Event Germany: Spitzen-Vielfalt 2016, Brokeloh– May 28-29, 2016

Spitzen-Viefalt 2015, Brokeloh (Landesbergen district Nienburg/Weser, Lower Saxony)
Theme:  “Weiß in Weiß, Nur zur HochZeit?”  (White on White, only for weddings?)
Sponsor: Deutsche Spitzengilde e. V.
Geschäftstelle, Markwaldstraße 19, D 63073 Offenbach
This is their annual general meeting, and 2016 is their 30th anniversary.
Dates: Saturday and Sunday, May 28-29, 2016
Hours:  Saturday, 10:00 to 18:00, Sunday, 10:00 to 16:00
Location: Various places in 31628 Landesbergen, Ortsteil Brokeloh/Niedersachsen
Website there’s a pulldown menu under Spitzen-Viefalt
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Information and Registration:  Birgit Sarzio, 05485-965397,
Flyers: spitzengilde_anmeldung_festabend_bickbeernhof

There is a contest, “Hochzeit” (Wedding)

Saturday, March 28, 2016
9:00 Exhibition opening (Alte Schule Brokeloh”
10:00 Opening of exhibitions and sales
10:30  Start of workshops
11:00 Walking tour of Brokeloh
19:00 Festive evening at the Bickbeernhof Brokeloher
Sunday, March 29, 2016
10:  Opening of the exhibitions and sales
10:300 Workshops
14:00  Walking tour of Brokeloh
15:30  Finale

Workshops – please register in advance. I believe most registrations are handled directly by the teachers.

  • Klöppeln, Katharina Kern.  For young and old, make a keychain.  1.5 hours, 18 EUR
  • Needle Tatting, Elke Rohlfs.  1.5 hours, 10 EUR
  • Ajourstickerei / Dresden Lace, Renate Vogelsang.  2 hours, 20 EUR
  • Pepino soll fliegen, Barbara Diesing, 2 hours, 22 EUR
  • Nadelbinden, Bernhard Thankfull.  4 hours, 25 EUR

Events and Exhibitions:
Competition exhibition
Christa Kewel, “Wedding Customs & Traditions as they used to be”
Margarete Schrader “Mit und ohne Spitze – Handarbeiten auf einer Brokeloher Diele”, Nicht nur für die Herren:  „Spitze – für Treckerliebhaber / Brokeloher Oldtimertrecker“
Phone booth – Lace, also in the Brokeloher phone booth (a historic landmark, very small, but used for small exhibitions)
Adina Sternemann/Marie-Luise Prinzhorn, “Modern lace and clothing”
Klöppelgruppe des Heimatvereins Achim: „Flora und Fauna in Spitze“
Demonstration of several cutting-edge lace techniques

Exhibitors, Clubs and Suppliers:
A list of participants can be found at

Brokeloh   Brokeloh map

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