Lace Event Germany: Spitzenfrühling in Chorin – May 28-29, 2016

Spitzenfrühling in Chorin (Barnim, Brandenburg)
Sponsor: FG Klöppeln des Eberswalder Kulturbundes e.V.
die Handarbeits- und Kreativgruppe Chorin
Dates: Saturday and Sunday, May 28-29, 2016
Hours:  Saturday, opening at 20:00 AM
Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00
Location: various sites in Chorin
Website: and Registration:

There is an extensive list of exhibitions in lace and other needlework at  These include exhibition on both historic and contemporary lace.
A massive work has been making the rounds of various sites in Germany for the past few years – a now 76 square meter ‘quilt’ formed of lace squares. The Guiness book of World Records has been contacted about this.  It will be on disply in the Hotel Haus Chorin from May 21 to June 5, 2016.

Spitzenfrühling in  Chorin   Chorin map

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