Lace event Belgium: The World Lace Congress Brugge 2018: “Living Lace” – August 13-25, 2018

The World Lace Congress Brugge 2018: “Living Lace”  (West Flanders, Flemish Region)
2 weeks lace experience in Belgium
BRUGGE 2018 vzw
Baalstraat 16, 8000 BRUGGE
4-day Classes: August 13-16, 2018
Congress: August 17-19, 2018
Post Congress Tours:  August 20-25, 2018
Places: See agenda
Registration opens June 1, 2017:


Contest:  Dreams in Dimension (25 x 25 x 25)
Adults:   traditional and comtemporary categories
Youth:    Under 12 years, 13 to 18 year categories.
Prizes: 250 EUR per category.
Rules and Registration form: rules_contest-eng-20170320

Students can either stay four days with the same teacher or take two 2-day classes.
1     Vlaanderse kant, Nadine Pauwels
2     Turnhoutse kant, Liliane Eyckens  (only 4 days)
3     Binche,  Lieve Pollet
4     Duchesse,  Annick Wils
5     Beverse kant, Simonne Coppieters
6     Mechelse kant, Rita Thienpondt (recommended 4 days)
7     Jewelry in Gold Wire, Lauran Sundin
8     Valenciennes kant, Chantal Ferier
9    Naaldkant, Magda Haentjes
10    Contemporary Lace, Lieve Smets
11    Lierse kant/ Art beading,  Linda van Camp

1. “Collection headquARTers Katoennatie: 3500 years of textile ART” : “Sprang” by Anne Kwaspen, Katoennatie, Antwerpen
2. “Putting Antwerp on the Map: Lace making and lace commerce in a city of art and luxury trades in the 16th and 17th centuries.”: by Frieda Sorber/curator lace collection Modemuseum Antwerpen (Fashion museum)
3. “Les pièces exceptionnelles du Musée en dentelle de Bruxelles”, Caroline Esgain, Museum voor Kostuum en Kant, Brussel
4. “Masterpieces of Lace of the Royal Museum of Art and History”, Ria Cooreman, Royal Museum of Art and History, Brussels
5.  :Contemporary lace all over the world “Living Lace”, Martine Bruggeman, Kantcentrum, Brugge

In addition, a Lace Market for suppliers will be held.  Martine Bruggeman will also publish a new study on lace in Flanders.

August 20
– Grand-Place de Binche
– Office du Tourisme
– Hotel de Ville
– Collégiale Saint-Ursmer
– Musé International du Carnaval et du Masque
– La Tour Sant Georges
– the Flaxmuseum, “Texture”
– “War Lace”, Menenpoort
– Menenpoort

August 21
– ‘t Gasthuys: Geraardsbergen: “Chantilly” and lace from Aalst and the Dender district”
– Foyer van CC De Werf: “Rozemarijn 4.0″
– Great Hall in the Belfry: Exhibition ” elements”
– Onze Live Vrouw kerk: Sculptures in Lace
– Town hall: Traditional lace
– Dacca: Contemporary Lace
– Molenhuis: Needle lace

August 22
– Katoennatie
– Carolus Borromeuschurch: Historical Lace – Treasury
Lace from Lier and Turnhout
“Old technique – new design”
“Lace from around Antwerp”

August 23
– Predikherenkerk: 10 Lace Academies
– Romenise Poort: “Liveing Lace” and historical collection by Serena Leuven
– Museum De Mindere “Kantelink”, “Metamorfose”
– Kant in Vlanderen – Ursulinen: “Evolution”

August 24
– Museum “Le Grand Curtius”, “La Dame élégante”, private collection
Sint Pieters Leeuw
– Castle Coloma: Contemporary Lace “Storytelling threads”

August 25
– Museum voor Kostuum en Kant
– Koninklijk Museum voor Kunst en Geschiedenis

Untitled   brugges

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7 Responses to Lace event Belgium: The World Lace Congress Brugge 2018: “Living Lace” – August 13-25, 2018

  1. Ingrid Bernhagen says:

    What price is it and iscaccomodation included

  2. Mrs R Hawkins says:

    Can you please help me with the translations into English or French for the following lace types or maybe describe them briefly in English:
    Wezelse Kant, Beverse Kant, Lierse Kant, Naaldkant.

  3. Jules says:

    so is this completely canceled???? and now going to be in The city will be Zaandam, only 18 minutes by train from Schiphol-airport and 12 minutes from Amsterdam.???

    or is it going to be part in one place and part in another?

    it is not 100% clear.
    Ms Jules H.

  4. Greet Rome says:

    “World Lace Congress Brugge 2018 : 2018 August 17th until 19th : LIVING LACE
    Many enthusiastic lace aficionados, collectors, and museums will exhibit their masterpieces, offering a varied selection,
    historical as well as contemporary,
    including Antwerp lace of the 17th Century, the hardly known War Lace from WW1, fascinating needle lace, the mysterious Chantilly,
    fantastic sculptures,
    Fine Art beading and lace from Lier,…

    The Lace tour stops in the following cities:
    Binche, Kortrijk, Ieper, Aalst, Temse, Antwerpen, Leuven, Sint-Truiden, Liège, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and Brussel.
    Apart from the lace exhibitions there will be a chance to explore and experience the individuality of each city.”

    Subscription is open !
    Don’t wait too long to get the proper class you want.
    Some classes are already almost filled up.”

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