Breaking News! Onsite 2023 OIDFA Congress in Hamburg cancelled

This just in from the OIDFA Executive council:

Who would have thought the covid pandemic would still be here and affecting what is possible in everyday life?  It is such an uncertain time to plan any travelling. 

As you all know, the next OIDFA Congress was planned to be held in Hamburg, Germany, on August 4-6, 2023, with classes held before the Congress.  As a result of recent discussions with the German Planning Committee, it has also been decided to cancel the onsite Congress in Hamburg in 2023. This decision has not been taken lightly but has been made with the ongoing Covid pandemic in mind. The German Committee has commented that booking premises is difficult as priority is being given to rescheduled events from previous years with increased prices. At the same time there is concern about the number of lacemakers who would be able to attend. According to realistic predictions, the pandemic will still be with us in 2023 with a wide variety of regulations, worldwide travel restrictions, quarantine periods, assembly bans, overnight stays banned, etc.

We believe that this early decision will give us sufficient time to focus on an online congress in 2023, featuring workshops, lectures and virtual exhibitions. It is planned that members from a variety of countries will be involved in organizing such an event.

(People with ideas for a virtual congress are urged to contact their local OIDFA representatives.)

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1 Response to Breaking News! Onsite 2023 OIDFA Congress in Hamburg cancelled

  1. Jan Tregidgo says:

    So sorry to hear of the decision , but fully understandable .

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