Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2022
Place: Hôtel Drouot, Salle 13
9 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris
Time: Household Linen (lots #1 to #110b) will start at 11:00 AM Paris time
The lace section  (lots 111 to 438) will start at 1:30 PM Paris time
Many of the ‘Household Linen’ lots have elaborate lace trimmings, so don’t ignore the first session.
Catalogs: (choose between French and English when looking at individual lots)
Public Viewing:  Tuesday, March 22, 2022 from 11:00 to 18:00 Paris time
Viewing room:
Auction by:  Coutau-Bégarie
60, avenue de La Bourdonnais – 75007 Paris – France Tel : 01 45 56 12 20 –
Sales Contact: Mélissa Seminara, +33 (0)1 45 56 12 20
Lace Expert: Mme Claude Vuille, Member de la FNEPSA,, +33 (0)6 74 66 39 05

This auction must set a record for the number of lace pieces offered, and many are lots. Following are a few items I find interesting:

Lots 40 and 41: Burano runner and square tablecloth.
Lot 125: Reticella border with double-headed eagle design and raised work, probably early.
Lot 135: Polychrome Buratto tablecover with naturalistic colored embroidery.
Lot 137: Bib-fronted collar of Milanese, 3rd quarter 17th c. The linen is a later attachment.
Lot 140: A long Gros Point border, looks relatively intact.
Lot 145: Interesting Milanese border in white, pale blue and pale green colors.
Lot 153: A complete set of lappets, cap back and flounce, Flemish bobbinlace, late 17th c. It’s a little unclear as to how this was constructed.
Lot 155: A Brussels bobbinlace cap back, very dense design.
Lot 156: Matching lappets of Brussels Point d’Angleterre, early 18th c.
Lot 164: Two borders, Brussels and Brabant, 2nd quarter 18th c.
Lot 168: A complete set of lappets, cap back and flounce, Brussels bobbinlace with droschel ground.
Lot 169: Very long, wide Brussels bobbinlace flounce with droschel ground.
Lot 170: Wide probable Argentan border, perhaps made for an Alb. The ~2 foot width is common in pieces such as this. See log 171 for another Argentan piece.
Lot 180: Nicely done Valenciennes lappets, one set with attached ruffle.
Lot 242: Very long, very light Alençon border.
Lot 256: Catalonian black blonde mantilla.
Lot 261: Very unusual black Duchesse de Bruxelles mantilla.
Lot 284: Point de Gaze border in a Compagnie des Indes/Verdé-Delisle & Cie box. This type of provenance is rare.
Lot 321: Point de Gaze skirt
Lot 322: Point de Gaze rectangular shawl. See other rectangular shawls such as lots 323, 324, 325, others.
Lot 369: Interesting guipure fan, not sure where this is from.
Lot 373: Maltese parasol cover.
Lot 401: This might be Point Colbert, we just don’t know enough about that lace to say for certain.
Lot 407: A whole bunch of metallic bobbinlace fragments.
Lots 409 and 410: Colorful Eastern European and Russian bobbinlace – wish they were longer.
Lot 413: Very identifiable War Lace pillow cover with dog design in Point de Paris (See Kellogg, Bobbins of Belgium, who identifies the designer)
Lot 414: A Halas square – these don’t come up very often.
Lot 415: Tunesian Chebka borders.

If you wish to purchase any of the lace and cannot come to Paris, there are three ways to do so – these notes are from Claude.

Online bidding with Drouot Live:
If you want to bid by yourself you will have to create an account at Drouot Live, see the faq at If you wish to register for this specific auction please follow the instructions at to get authorized, and be sure to register before 9:00 AM, on March 23rd. Then you will be able to follow the sale with a real time viewing of the auction directly from your computer. You can bid by clicking the appropriate bidding price when the auctioneer reaches the lot you are interested in. For live auctions the view on your computer has a few seconds delay but the auctioneer is used to it and he will wait a few second when somebody is bidding through the net. This works well as long as the internet equipment has no connection troubles.
You can also register on the Invaluable site.

Phone bidding:
Otherwise, you can ask to be called when the auctioneer is approaching the particular lot number. A member of the staff will phone you a few minutes before the item will be on sale and you can instruct him to bid on you behalf, in real time.  Both of these possibilities are free of charge and will not have any impact to the final hammer price.

Absentee Bid:
You can also submit an Absentee Bid Form (an order bid) and the auction house will execute it by bidding for you behalf until the price has reached your nominated amount. If bidding doesn’t reach this amount, you win the item for the price at which the bidding ceased. If you are the winner, a member of the staff will send you by email your final invoice. They will send your item to the appropriate postal address as soon as payment is received.
You can also contact Claude directly if you want to leave a bid.

In addition to the auction price, the successful bidder (buyer) must pay the following sales costs:
28,80% TTC (buyers premium 24% + TVA 20%) on top of the hammer price.
Purchase via the Drouot Live platform:
For any purchase via Drouot Live, additional costs of 1.5% excluding tax will be applied (i.e.
1.8% including tax).
Purchase via the Invaluable platform:
For any purchase via Invaluable, additional costs of 3% excluding tax will be applied (i.e.
3.6% including tax).

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