Lace Event Italy: 1st International Symposium of Young Lace Makers, April 4-7, 2013

Title: “Doily-Free Zone: Raising the status of lace and lace making”
In coordination with Milan Design Week
Place: Palazzo del Broletto, Pavia, Italy
Sponsor:  Textile Support, c/o Anharad Rixon
Via della Pusterla 26, 27100 Pavia, Italy
Symposium Date: April 4-7, 2013
Four days of trips will follow the symposium. Excursion Programme
Standard Registration fee for all three days is 330 EUR.  One day registration is 170 EUR.
Student registration for all three days is 170 EUR. One day student fee is 70 EUR.
There is also a day trip either to Gandino or Rapallo, and a 2 day lace tour in Venice.
Download the registration form here: Symposium Registration

3/13/2013 – This is an update on the symposium.  The presenters are listed below along with their talk titles. Afternoon workshop titles are given in bold lettering.  Download the program here: Doily Free Zone Programme

Alicia Jane Boswell  “Delicate Perspective”
“Metal Hardening Techniques”
Stefanie Mittmann   “Lace as Dance”
“Lace and Contemporary Design Languages”
Dorie Millerson
Olivia Valentine   “Stitches in the Air”
“Thinking About Lace in an Installation Context”
Premysl Knap  “Traditional Czech Vlacka Bobbin Lace”
Armel Barraud   “Whispering Walls”
“Whispering walls: Designing Lace on a Vertical Surface”
Clizia Ornato
Kerry Howley  “Attraction/Aversion”
Orla Breslin   “Clones Lace/ Irish Crochet”
“Clones Lace”
Daniel Iglesias Prieto  “Toca Fedealla Toca: a 0km Project”
“Designing Fascinators and Brooches with Bobbin Lace and Found Objects”
Kim Wille  “Fashion Design/Lace Design”
“Lace and Garment Design – the T-Shirt Project”
Emer Finnegan  “Kenmare Needle Lace”
“Kenmare Needle Lace”
Alessandra Francesca Capurso  “A Sensory Approach to Macramé”
“Macramé Worked Directly on the Body”
Angharad Rixon “Northern Italian Baroque Metal Laces”
“Lace and Local Identity: The Survival of Italian Lace Making Traditions”
Guillermo Roig   “Suspended Lace: an Approach to Tatting”
“Guillermotting” (tatting as you have never known it)”
Marianna Kosic   “Using the Internet and Social Networks to Stimulate New Lace Makers”
Rebecca Evans “That’s not Lace” – a young Curators experience (Love Lace exhibition)

The symposium will consist of three parts, one each day of the symposium:
Lace and Tradition:  Historical lace research and projects to revive local traditions. Mini-workshops on traditional techniques, lace identification, or preparing historical reconstructions.
Lace and Design: Projects from young fashion and industrial designers working with lace. Mini-workshops on lace design for fashion, lace and new materials, lace as high-end craft.
Lace and Art: Artists presentations and performance work.
Mini-workshops on lace and conceptual art, lace and performance, designing for artistic production.

Presenters and artists must be under the age of 40 at the time of the symposium.
The symposium itself is open to all – you don’t have to be  young to attend!

Doily Free Zone

Proposal Due Date:
March 31, 2012
Call for Proposals: Call for Papers and Exhibition Proposals from young lace makers
Call for Papers and Exhibition/Workshop Proposals – due March 31, 2012

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