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I now do these posts every Sunday, but will also add things throught the week that might end before the next Sunday. Not only is it an opportunity to make collectors aware of fast-moving listings, but it gives me the chance to talk about lace, giving individual examples my full attention. I don’t like to do big postings covering an entire category of lace – I would rather delve into pieces one at a time. It’s the microscopic, rather than the macroscopic approach.

I select the pieces based on what appeals to me – I never take solicitations from sellers (and I have been asked). If I seem to be favoring certain dealers, it is, to put it bluntly, because they are consistently listing the best material. I am not on a mission to correct misinformation, or to denigrate any type of lace. I am giving my own opinion, and if that conflicts with what a seller has written, chalk it up to free speech. I sometimes, but not often, contact sellers for clarification, or to discuss my comments before they are posted, but I’m trying to speak for the lace and the lacemaker first and foremost.

There are a few thresholds for a piece to be considered for posting. Condition is important. I won’t review a good piece if the condition is poor, unless there is an overwhelming consideration of rarity or provenance. I also don’t resonate a lot with short samples, even though the lace may be very good, the same goes for different laces posted in one lot. Presentation does count, if a photo is so poor or lacking in the closeup detail needed to tell if it is handmade, then the item will be passed by. I also try not to review the same piece more than once – if I do it’s a mistake. If a piece is relisted I try to update that information on the original Ebay Alert, but it’s hard to keep up. I will also issue Special Ebay Alerts outside the Sun/Thurs postings for extraordinary pieces.

I make it a habit to post pieces on which I would be likely to bid; I think it unethical to ‘reserve’ things for myself by leaving them off this list. I also try hard to avoid any discussion of price – the bidding history and final price is available on Ebay and tells that story much better than I can. I do add the final price and number of bidders to the review after the auction is over, and I am organizing all the items into a final summary to eventually be posted on the LaceNews Web Site. I do keep track of far more than I actually post, in fact only about 25% of what I follow makes it to an Ebay Alert.

The descriptions of the laces looks rather strictly formatted, but has undergone some evolution, and I am considering adding a separate catorgory where I can discuss dating issues. I’ve recently completely redone the condition comments, dividing these into four categories. ‘Modification’ is meant to describe any change from the original form of the piece. ‘Damage’ involves breaks or tears; something that would have to be repaired by a knowledgeable lacemaker. ‘Soilage’ indicates staining, discoloration, rust spots, and something called ‘patina’, a concept not well understood. I also note if any recent washing has taken place. The last condition category is ‘finish’, and by this I mean creasing, wrinkling, shrinkage; anything that affects the condition of the lace but is not actual damage.

Some people think it isn’t worthwhile to buy on Ebay because the quality is poor. I hope they keep thinking that way so there is less competition. The truth is very different. Ebay and related sites are increasingly accepted alternative selling forums, and even longtime antique dealers ignore them at their peril.
By the way, Ebay no longer lets you see purchaser identifications. Everything has been reduced to cryptic initials and stars. Mine are a***s for my lswaters account. I do have one more account, lacenews619, and I’m actually not sure what the initials are for that one.

Ebay Alerts! Twenty items – December 4, 2016 Beautiful Vtg Antique Black Chantilly Lace Collar Lappet Fichu Size: 8.5″ back depth. length each side 38″, lappets 8″ max width Starting Price: $49.00 Auction ends: December 4, 2016  6:45 AM PST. Offered by: Ebay seller kzfisch, Brielle, New Jersey, … Continue reading

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Ebay Alerts! Thirty-five – November 27, 2016 Huge Chantilly Lace Triangular Crinoline Shawl – 1860s – Wonderful design Size: Not given. Starting Price: £65.00 Auction ends: November 27, 2016  7:34 AM PST. Offered by: Ebay seller supa_troopa, Redditch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom Comments: A triangular Chantilly shawl. … Continue reading

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Ebay Alerts! Twenty-two items – September 4, 2016 SIX LACE PLACEMATS NANDUTI 16″ X 12″ Size: 12″ x 16″ each Starting Price: $49.00 Buy-it-Now Auction ends: September 4, 2016 7:38 AM PDT. Offered by: Ebay seller sewpatches0, Watsonville, California, United States Comments: An unusual set of six Ñanduti … Continue reading

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No Ebay Alerts for a while

Apologies, but I’m leaving for the IOLI convention in Indianapolis on Thursday, and will be gone until the end of July.  I’m suspending the Ebay Alerts until I get back – too busy preparing for the two classes and one … Continue reading

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Ebay Alerts! Twenty-one items – July 3, 2016 18th C. single handmade Valenciennes bobbin lace lappet with added top COLLECT Size: Not given. Starting Price: $235.00 Auction ends: July 3, 2016, 8:49 AM PDT. Offered by: Ebay seller lacemerchant, Whiting, Indiana, United States Comments: A round-hole Valenciennes … Continue reading

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Ebay Alerts! Nineteen items – June 26, 2016 Large Deep Brussels Wedding Lace Flounce – 1880 – 1900 – (390 x 30 cms) Size: 30 cm x 390 cm Starting Price: £40.00 Auction ends: June 26, 2016, 8:30 AM PDT. Offered by: Ebay seller supa_troopa, Redditch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom … Continue reading

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No Ebay Alerts for June 19, 2016

Apologies, big deadline at work, so no Ebay Alerts this week. I’ll keep up on the events, and am also working on an important announcement that will appear shortly. Laurie

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